Mission Statement

The mission of the FXChristian Fellowship is to be a group of FedEx employees committed to: (1)Growing in the knowledge of the Holy Bible; (2) Impacting individual employees, the workplace, and the community through Biblical values, camaraderie, and charity; (3) Increasing, understanding, respect, and awareness of FedEx's Christian employees through education, information, professional mentoring, activities and events that ensure the inclusion - and promote the value - of all employees.  

Business Purpose

The business purpose of the FXChristian Fellowship is to impact individual employees, the workplace, and the community.

1.      Individual employees

  • To promote awareness of Christianity and provide information.
  • To encourage Christian employees to live their faith to the fullest at work by providing support thought a network of other believers in Jesus Christ who will pray for them, motivate them to peak performance as per the Holy Bible’s instructions, and strengthen them morally to press on during difficult times.

2.      Workplace

·         Promote the company’s core values by…

  •  People– “Promoting diversity in the workforce and in our thinking”

  •  Service – Placing a strong importance on the needs of others and serving them with joy and kindness

  •  Innovation – Inspiring attitudes that “improve the way we work and live”

  •  Integrity – Advancing authentic Christian character, such as “honesty, efficiency, and reliability”

  •  Responsibility – Fostering active stewardship in the workplace and the community

  •  Loyalty – Honoring our place of work and earning the respect and confidence of others

  •  With the combination of each of the above, the corporation’s Profitswill continue to grow.

  • Participate in corporate initiatives (e.g. Power of Diversity series, World of Holidays, etc.)

 3.      Community

 Impact the community by initiating, participating in, and supporting volunteer efforts to help others in need.

Key Audience

The primary audience for the FXChristian Fellowship will be any employee who has an interest in Christianity, the Holy Bible, or supporting their Christian colleagues.

Intended Activities

Some of the intended activities of the FXChristian Fellowship will include:

  • Local, Regional, National and System Bible Studies and Virtual Prayer Meetings to share encouraging life experiences and grow in the faith.

  •  A regular newsletter, written by members of the FXChristian Fellowship, distributed to members to encourage them in one of many exciting areas of work life including, but not limited to motivation, integrity, leadership, communications, corporate social responsibility, and more.

  • Community volunteering.

  • Annual gatherings to provide expert speakers to motivate the employees on ‘modeling the way.’

  • Semi-annual events to present historical material on Christianity (Easter, Christmas, etc.)

  • Periodic employee-sponsored breakfasts and luncheonsto support fellowship and provide information to those interested in FXChristian Fellowship


Rick Moore – Chairman (FedEx Services)

William Schroeder - IT Assistant FedEx Services