Multi-Faith Network Group - **Revised Mission Statement**

Mission Statement


The mission of the Multi-Faith Network at FedEx is to promote inter-faith understanding among employees, increase awareness, respect, and tolerance of all religions/faiths in the workplace through education, information, activities and events that foster inclusion and promote the value of all employees.


Key Audience

The network group is open to all FedEx employees across all operating companies and not religion specific.  The primary audience for the Multi-Faith Network will be any employee who has an interest in learning more about other faiths and cultures of other FedEx employees.


Business Purpose

The Multi-Faith Network at FedEx will work with management to support the People First philosophy by fostering a more inclusive workplace for all employees through dialogue, workshops, educational sessions and activities.  These activities will help support teamwork, foster inclusion and ultimately, help deliver the Purple Promise to our customers.


1. Individual Employees

  • Enable adequate expression of religious identity in the workplace.

§  To improve morale in the workplace – According to David Miller, executive director of Yale University’s Center for Faith and Culture, “People want to bring their whole selves to work, and for many that includes their faith.” –, 28 November 2007, Religion in the Workplace Is Diversity Issue for U.S. Companies ( 20071128173019xlrennef0. 1781427.html)


2.      Workplace

  • Expand corporate diversity network groups to include a multi-faith option.

§  Fits within corporate definition of affinity group – “An employee driven group organized around various cultures, traditions, ethnicities, religions, or other characteristic” – 10-20 Affinity Groups/Employee Committees.


3.  Best Practices

Several Fortune 500 companies (i.e., American Express, Fannie Mae, Medtronics, Texas Instruments, Tyson Foods, and IBM) have faith-based affinity groups within their diversity program.  Please see the following two articles.

·         “Religion-Based Employee Groups Enhance Culture of Inclusion”

·         “Religion in the Workplace Is Diversity Issue for U.S. Companies”



Network Group Structure


The Multi-Faith will be structured and operate consistent with the other six affinity groups in place at FedEx.   The network will consist of employees who are members of various faiths represented in the workplace.  The network will be open to all employees and will not be religion specific.


The network group will provide support to the corporation on faith based issues, help plan/sponsor events that enhance religious diversity, and work to further a more inclusive work environment for all employees. 


The network will report to Corporate Culture and Awareness, similar to other (6) network groups and is not religion specific.  The network group will provide updates on upcoming activities, and planned events to Corporate Culture & Awareness for distribution to the rest of the organization.




Some of the potential activities of the the Multi-Faith Network include sessions with subject matter speakers, annual day of prayer observance, Dialogues in Diversity sessions, World of Holidays diversity forums, annual day of prayer observances, daily prayers and  lunch and learn sessions, etc.  All Multi-Faith events, sponsored by the company, will be inclusive of all faiths.


Network Group Chairperson(s)

Rick Moore – FedEx Services

Majid Ali – FedEx Express









October 27, 2008